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The Institute for Border Logistics and Security

The IBLS will emerge as Canada’s premier institute for cross-border logistics and security to help small-and medium-sized enterprises be border ready.

Welcome... the Institute for Border Logistics and Security

The IBLS will champion the activities that combine the need for the movement of goods and people while maintaining compliance and security. The IBLS is the first Institute of its kind, where academic, government, and private industry have all come together to action and make scalable the results of ongoing research on border security and logistics conducted by the Cross-Border Institute at the University of Windsor. The increased movement of persons, goods, services and money in and out of Canada’s borders has given rise to an increased need for expertise in the areas of international trade, customs, logistics and immigration – The Institute for Border Logistics and Security (IBLS) was developed to fulfill that need. It will work with the business trade community to expand opportunities for international trade and logistics opportunities globally.

How We Help

Business Services and Support

For those interested in expanding their business by expanding their market, many businesses get frustrated by having to navigate the complicated maze of information related to moving goods and people across the border.

The IBLS will help entrepreneurs and small- and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) to work with academia, businesses, economic development associations and governments to solve problems, promote opportunities and facilitate trade and logistics efficiently, safely and securely across international borders.

Business Development

The IBLS will encourage small-and medium-sized enterprises to develop and adopt new technology, services and products related to border logistics and border security.

Partnerships Leveraged

The IBLS will work with others to enhance coordination to simplify processes and information, provide timely and practical information for entrepreneurs and small- and medium-sized enterprises.

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